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What We Are Bringing ?


Teksna Waterflow Intelligent Network gives a convenient & fully automatic motor operation by preventing water storage facilities that let clean-water overflow during water supply timing. Water is a bond between human beings and nature, and access to it has provoked many conflicts. These days, supplies are diminish while demand is soaring
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Teksna Wave

Teksna Wave provides a chemical-free & touch-free UV Wave object sanitisation with its unique automated door runs with a simple hand waving gesture. It kills viruses in seconds as the world faced suffocated in quarantines lacked oxygen. As a result, millions lost their lives because of a deadly stream of viruses.


Teksna Enhanced Lenient Learning is an education-based application that provides lenient learning to online knowledge seekers. It provides filtered videos and tutors of different domains. In addition, it offers its own practical & quality content for enhanced understanding of an autodidact plus provides a clear consultations for doubts

Why Choose Teksna ?

Green & Durable

It is the biggest battle since the disease is spreading so fast with high speed, and the prevention of the transmission has involved all people. Read More...

Energy Efficient

The report found that lithium-ion batteries are more than 80% of the installed power and energy capacity of large-scale. Teksna will make this Read More...


Teksna Enhanced Lenient Learning system based on world-class learning through both online & offline mediums with its best-in-class learning approach. Read More...

About Us

Formation of a company was never an idea it was the new-age problems all around us that drove us vehemently to deliver the smartest solutions for the problems that arise with a tag of ‘impossible to solve – persisting problems’.

Well, the journey to transform from impossible to I’m possible takes some time and perseverance that leads you to a serene future without that clinging problem.

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